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It happens to the best of us from time to time—you’re driving on the road, and then your vehicle starts to slow down, coming to a stop. No one wants their vehicle to break down, whether you’re driving a bus, trailer, RV, or semi-truck. It can not only be an inconvenience, but it can sometimes be difficult to find a company up to the job of towing such a large vehicle.

At Freedom Towing, we’re experts in heavy-duty towing, making us the best company in St. George for the job. Whether your large vehicle has broken down or you’ve gotten into an accident, give us a call. We’ll quickly get to your location and tow your vehicle to a repair shop or another location of your choice.

What is Heavy-Duty Towing?

To some people towing is towing, but there are actually several types of towing, including light, medium, and heavy. Heavy-duty towing refers to a heavier tow truck recovering larger vehicles, such as buses, RVs, trailers, mobile homes, roadwork vehicles, and semi-trucks. Our heavy-duty tow trucks can move vehicles that weigh over 26,000 pounds. At Freedom Towing, we use our heavy-duty tow trucks for all larger vehicle tows. Whether your vehicle has broken down, gotten into an accident, or been abandoned on the side of the road, we have the right equipment for the job.

When Would I Need Heavy-Duty Towing?

If you’re unfamiliar with heavy-duty towing, there are several instances where you might need our services. Here are some situations that would require heavy-duty towing from our professionals:

  • If you’re traveling with a trailer or RV, unexpected things can happen, including getting into an accident. For a vehicle that large, regular tow trucks won’t be able to successfully tow your vehicle, which is when heavy-duty towing comes in hand.

  • All larger vehicles, whether it be a semi-truck, RV, or bus, can experience problems while on the road. Sometimes this could include issues with the transmission or engine, or it could be battery failure.

  • Flat tires are a common occurrence in all types of larger vehicles. If you don’t have a spare available, be sure to give us a call for our heavy-duty towing service.

Why Choose Freedom Towing?

When you choose Freedom Towing, you’re not just hiring us to get a heavy-duty towing job done. With our services, you’ll also be getting fast response times, reliability, exceptional customer service, and more. We’ve been in the towing business for over 15 years, which has given us time to build a great reputation in the St. George area. You can trust us to safely tow your vehicle without inflicting any damage with our 24-hour services and reliable fleet of heavy-duty tow trucks. All our high-quality services also come at affordable prices.

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Contact Freedom Towing for Heavy-Duty Today

The next time you need heavy-duty towing services, trust your local towing company to take care of the job. At Freedom Towing, we’ll provide professional and friendly service, keeping your vehicle safe the entire time. No matter what time of the day or night you need towing, we’re here to help. Contact us today for more information or to have one of our professional towers sent to your location.