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ST. George RV TOWING Services

Many residents of St. George, UT, and the surrounding areas have RVs they take to go camping or to enjoy nearby National Parks. Unfortunately, RVs can break down and need repairs, which can be frustrating when this happens in the middle of your trip.

While dealing with a broken-down RV is never fun, the Freedom Towing professionals want to make the RV towing process as easy as possible. It’s easy to panic when you’re left with such a big vehicle that you can’t move or pull yourself, but Freedom Towing can get the RV where it needs to go, so you can get repairs and get back to your fun.

What is RV Towing?

RVs, such as camp trailers, and motorhomes, can be considered medium towing or heavy-duty towing categories. They can range quite a bit in weight and size, but our towing services professionals are prepared to assist you. We can move smaller RVs all the way up to large motorhomes. We realize that RVs can often break down off the beaten path, so we can get the vehicle back to a populated area near a repair shop.

Why You Might Need RV Towing

No one wants to have vehicle problems, whether in their regular car or a motorhome. But, these are some of the common reasons you might need medium- or heavy-duty towing services:

  • You end up in an accident. In this case, most tow truck companies with regular trucks won’t be able to assist you, so you’ll need a company with larger trucks.

  • The RV has mechanical issues of various kinds while on the road. We can tow the RV if you have brake problems, transmission issues, or anything else.

  • There’s a problem with a flat tire while traveling, and you can no longer drive without causing long-term damage.

For any of these situations, our St. George towing specialists can move your RV somewhere you can repair it, whether a mechanic shop or back to your own home base.

The Freedom Towing Difference

Let’s face it. Getting anything towed isn’t the most enjoyable experience, and it’s not something that you ever want to happen. But, when these accidents occur, Freedom Towing provides the wide range of towing services you need.

We are industry experts because we have some of the fastest response times, and we even offer support to law enforcement agencies. It’s important to us that we are reliable, trustworthy, and efficient. With our roadside assistance, we can get your RV out of trouble. Call us today if you need RV towing assistance.

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Contact Freedom Towing for Heavy-Duty Today

The next time you need heavy-duty towing services, trust your local towing company to take care of the job. At Freedom Towing, we’ll provide professional and friendly service, keeping your vehicle safe the entire time. No matter what time of the day or night you need towing, we’re here to help. Contact us today for more information or to have one of our professional towers sent to your location.